Putting the OG in photog

Don't pose, don't smile... Just be!

I love shooting... Everything... You want it shot, I'll shoot it! I like to shoot organicly (is that a word?). But I also like to shoot way over the top planned/staged shoots. Quite a dichotomy, I know... My shooting isn't any different than my personality.

I shoot out of San Diego but am frequently in LA and surrounding areas. Prices vary upon need; Independent artists (Musicians, Comics, Artists, etc...) get very special rates.

I am currently the official photographer for Chef's Roll (a culinary equivalent to linkedin), as well as being the San Diego regional editor/photographer/writer for Establishment Magazine. I still maintain a very active freelance business. I'm your hired gun. I have shot bands, celebrities, local artists, food, etc.. I do all forms of photography, including, location dependent shooting, studio shoots, head shots, landscape, etc. I do all forms of photographic digital manipulation as well (including multiple shot compositions including or excluding people), HDR work as well as general touch ups to photographs.

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