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Don't POSE, act natural! I like shooting... Everything... You want it shot, I'll shoot it! I like to shoot organicly (is that a word?). But I also like to shoot way over the top planned/staged shoots. Quite a dichotomy, I know... My shooting isn't any different than my personality.



phone: 858.367.0690

I shoot out of San Diego (but will travel). Prices vary upon need. Independent artists (Musicians, Comics, Artists, etc...) get very special rates.

I am the former house/event photographer for Black Cherry Music group, as well as the recently closed 4th & B, in downtown San Diego.

I currently write and shoot for Establishment Magazine as well as The G.O.O.D.S. Magazine. Please find these excellent publications to see my other works!

I have shot bands, celebrities, local artists, etc.. I do all forms of photography, including, location dependent shooting, studio shoots, head shots, landscape, etc. I do all forms of photographic digital manipulation as well (including multiple shot compositions including or excluding people), HDR work as well as general touch ups to photographs.


Graham Nancarrow - musician  "I met Rob for the first time in 2012 at 4th&B after playing arguably one of the worst shows in history. I was in a bad mood. Rob had been taking pictures that night and when I met him I was immediately pulled out of my bad mood. There are plenty of great photographers...Rob is up there with the best. I've never disliked a photo of Rob's and that speaks wonders because I'm picky & critical. Rob has an incredible talent in photography. His eyes instinctively know what looks good and it shows in his photos. Most importantly Rob is a great man. He's friendly, truly believes in his work, and always seems to be having a good time. What more could you ask for in a photographer? Take a look at his work! The proof is in the photos. Rob is the best."

Clint August - Afternoon Talent 101.5 KGB  "I have worked on several shoots with Rob, over the past few years. A few things I always come away with are, his work is always great quality, he’s extremely accommodating as a professional and he always keeps the overall goal in mind. He also has a quick turnaround, which is important in my business. I recommend Rob to anyone that is looking for a professional photographer. "

Dewey Bratcher - Stand Up Comedian  "I asked Rob to do a some headshots and other photos for me in preparation for a CD I'm recording. First off Rob was crazy flexible with the time of the shoot and patient and gracious even though I wound up being a few minutes late. He puts you at ease and talks to you very real to get you to open up and relax. Suggests poses and things you can do to look natural if you're NOT a natural. The price is competitive and fair as well. I will definitely come back to Rob for future sessions. He's already contracted to do the photo work for my actual Comedy Show. Dude is a beast. Thanks a million Rob!!!"

Mike Vinn - Comedian/Actor  "I needed to get new headshots done for different promos so I went to Rob (photog-rob) to do them for me. Not only did I get great pictures but great prices and I had a blast during the shoot. I highly recommend Rob to all of my comic friends (or anyone for that matter) for not just regular headshots but for stage pics too. I will be heading back to him for more."

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